• A Sustainable Breast Health Check Initiative


    TheLoveCurve is bringing safe, effective & painless breast health checks to homes, offices, community centers & rural towns

  • Why? Because INDIA is #1

    we lose more women to breast cancer than any other country


    women lost their battle to breast cancer in 2012.

    This number was nearly half (40,000) in 2009.

    < 1%

    of women receive any form of preventive breast health checks in India.


    new breast cancer cases are expected by year 2020. Majority will be women under the age of 50.


    of women survive less than five years from diagnosis. This figure is 90%+ for women in USA.

  • Breast Health Check

    At Home



    iBreastExam is one of the easiest test you’ll have. It can be administered by a trained health-worker in the privacy of your home, corporate office or a community center. iBreastExam is absolutely painless, radiation-free and takes less than five minutes; it's a patented, US FDA cleared, standardized and objective breast exam to identify breast lesions early, at the point-of-care.


    TheLoveCurve Initiative is making iBreastExam available to women at their doorstep in urban and rural towns, with support from leading NGOs and Diagnostic Service Providers.


    Click here to learn more about iBreastExam


    Call 07045457056 or Click Here to organize a Breast Health Check at Home/Office


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    Have you had a breast exam?

    Learn what it feels like to get an iBreastExam test and learn more about the technology behind this innovation.

    TheLoveCurve Campaign Video

    Learn why is this campaign relevant for everyone and how can you help make a difference.

  • Our Supporters

    TheLoveCurve Is Supported By


    Initiative Creator

    HEALTHEE is a fully integrated, all-in-one, primary care home healthcare service. We bring healthcare to you, wherever you are, physically or virtually, at the touch of a button.

    Everyday, from 9am to 9pm. Learn More...


    Technology Partner

    iBreastExam enables early detection of breast lumps and lesions without pain and radiation. The test is US FDA cleared and can be administered at home, corporate offices and even in rural areas. Learn more...


    NGO Partner, Public Health & Strategy 

    PATH is the leader in global health innovation. An international nonprofit organization, PATH saves lives and improves health, especially among women & children, since '77. Learn more...

    Biocon Foundation

    NGO Partner, Rural Implementation

    Biocon Foundation promotes social and economic inclusion by ensuring that marginalized communities have equal access to healthcare services and educational opportunities. Learn more...

    WISH Foundation

    NGO Partner, Rural Implementation

    To improve the health of poor people in India and other developing countries by scaling up innovative approaches to healthcare. Learn more...

    Suburban Diagnostics

    Diagnostics Channel Partner, Mumbai & Pune

    Suburban Diagnostics provides holistic diagnostic services across all centers in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Palghar, Mira-Bhyander and Pune. Learn more...


    Diagnostics Channel Partner, Bangalore

    Medall Healthcare runs a chain of diagnostic service centers located in Bangalore, Chennai and other cities of South India. Learn more...

    SRL Diagnostics

    Diagnostics Channel Partner, NCR

    SRL Diagnostics is a reputed Pathology Lab and diagnostic center offering an all-inclusive collection of diagnostic facilities across India, including the NCR region. Learn more...

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